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Frying equipment: steps to install a fryer

Dec 26, 2019

Frying equipment: steps to install a fryer

1.Connect the automatic temperature control instrument box, blower, lifting motor, residue oil pump, main power supply, and check that the rise and fall of the frying basket must be normal. Frying equipment

2. Close the connection pipe between the cleansing oil pump and the fryer, and start to pour water into the fryer to wash the iron slag, rust, garbage and other debris in the fryer, and release it through the manual slag discharge port. Frying equipment

3. Install the connection pipes of the oil pump and the frying line, check that all the pipes and joints of the residue oil pump and the fryer do not leak oil, wrap the residue filter in the residue filter barrel, and then put it in the oil container. . Pump the cooking oil in the oil container into the deep fryer with a clear oil pump (you can put the oil 15 cm high from the frying pan), and soak the metal part of the thermocouple in the cooking oil in the cooking oil. Frying equipment

4. Start ignition, add coal (anthracite over 7000 calories) after ignition with dry wood (350W-550W blower), start small air volume combustion, and when the oil temperature reaches 165-180 ℃, the full air volume of the blower enters the air. Frying equipment

5. Check whether the metal part of the thermocouple in the meter box is immersed in the cooking oil, the temperature control display is normal, and dial the number in the temperature indicator to the temperature you need to boil (130-190 ℃). (The two temperature control tables have the same data)

6. When the temperature reaches 130-190 ° C, a small amount of material will be fried. The first time will require a small amount of material to be fried, and the second time will be more material. (It is strictly forbidden to feed more for the first time) Frying equipment