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Fryer has higher added value

Mar 19, 2020

The oil consumed during the frying process is equivalent to the oil absorbed by the product. Applicable products include: broad beans, green beans, peanuts and other nuts; puffed rice, potato chips, and other puffed foods; rice noodles, cat ears, shaqima, twist, and other noodle products; meat products, chicken legs, and other meat products; yellow croaker, belt fish And other aquatic products; automatic deep-fried tofu, bean curd and other soy products and so on.

The advanced oil-water integrated technology of the frying line overcomes the shortcomings of the conventional fryer. It can automatically filter and keep the fried oil clean, so that the fried product is consistent, which improves the product quality, extends the shelf life, and is fully automatic frying. The machine brings higher added value to the product.

    The frypot removes the food scraps generated during the frying process from the high-temperature oil layer and sinks in the low-temperature water layer of the lower layer of the fryer. The regular discharge by the drain valve can also effectively inhibit carbonyl compounds, keto acids, epoxy acids and other substances. Suppresses the increase of acid value and peroxide value, prolongs the service life of the oil and the shelf life of the product, and significantly improves the appearance and color of the product. The fryer is automatically temperature controlled, the oil residue is automatically separated and automatically filtered, and the operation is simple, fuel-saving, trouble-free, Save labor. There is no need to clean the oil residue several times a day, and the fryer can reduce the oil brought out when the oil residue is cleared multiple times, which can save 5% of oil. Depending on the fried food, the user can control the time of oil residue. The pot can be used for deep-frying various kinds of fried food, and can also be used for cooking various kinds of boiled food. Compared with the traditional fryer, it can save more than 65% of coal burning. Practice has proved that the traditional frying pan needs 2 to 2.5 coals for one pound of honey and three knives. This fryer uses only 0.5 to 0.6 coals for coal. The residue removal is convenient. The bottom of the oil pan is designed with a special residue removal device. The fryer does not need to release all the oil to clear the residue. The operation is convenient and clean. Fast-fired, fried foods have a good color and taste, consistent color, no old oil, and high yield. Temperature can be controlled automatically and can be operated by one worker.