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Fruit pitting machine how does it work

Jun 30, 2019

Working principle of fruit pitting machine:

The fruit pitter machine removes the cores of cherries, plums, peaches, apricots and so on by rotating the sprocket roll and the rubber roller to obtain a lumpy pulp. Working principle of fruit pitting machine as follows:

fruit pitting machine

    (1) Providing red dates to be processed, the nuclear removal machine comes with a jujube size sorting mechanism.

    (2) Feeding system: realize the automatic arrangement of red dates, and the orderly arrangement can make the long axis direction of the red dates consistent.

    (3) Positioning system: reduce the center deviation, automatically pressurize the red dates, and reduce the center deviation by 20%.

    (4) Directional system: The horizontally arranged red dates are vertically erected by a 90° rotating mechanism after reducing the center deviation.

    (5) Grab system: The automatic control system instructs the robot to grasp the red dates so that the core center is on a vertical line.

    (6) Positioning system: The red jujube grasped by the robot is instructed by the automatic control system to be placed on the punching position.

    (7) Chong nuclear system: use a special pre-flush centralizer to reinforce the jujube, and then carry out high-speed nucleation.

    (8) Pre-skinning device: The nucleus is smashed through the broken skin of the jujube at the same time. The jujube skin of the jujube tail is cut into a circular pre-cut immediately before the jujube sprint is sprinting. After the jujube nucleus is completed, the tail jujube is followed. Jujube nucleus is detached, ensuring that the tail of the jujube is intact, does not explode, and does not hang jujube

    (9) Top jujube nuclear device and expansion port: The top jujube nuclear device is equipped with a retractable expansion port, which can prevent the excessive jujube core from interrupting the automatic process. At the same time as the nucleus is removed, the expansion port can be automatically controlled to the top and descend. .

    (10) Feeding port: After flushing the red dates of the core, the robot will unload and separate the punched cores at the designated discharge.