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Fried production line --- The thinner the fried food, the more dangerous it is to health

Mar 15, 2020

The survey found that the crispier and thinner the food, the higher the acrylamide content. For example, the acrylamide content of potato chips is 10 times higher than that of french fries. This statement makes sense. Under the same processing conditions of a fryer, the thinner the fried food is, the more harmful it is. Fried production line

The thinner the food, the higher the temperature it will accept when fried; the higher the temperature, the more harmful substances such as acrylamide will be produced. For example, compared to fried dough sticks, french fries and potato chips, the frying pan is generally heated to above 120 ° C during the production process, and acrylamide will be produced at this time. The difference is that when the fried dough sticks are heated, the oil temperature can be more than 180 ° C; but for thinner fries, chips, etc., the oil temperature needs to exceed 200 ° C, so more acrylamide will be produced. After long-term consumption of acrylamide-containing foods, people will experience symptoms such as drowsiness, changes in mood and memory, hallucinations and tremors, and peripheral neuropathy (such as sweating and muscle weakness). Fried production line

Nowadays, there are more and more types of food, and learning to choose scientifically can ensure health. For example, cookies and cookies, cookies, and other snacks are also foods that are prone to acrylamide, which is often overlooked. Many white-collar workers even regard them as must-have snacks in the office. Fried production line

Substituting a variety of fruits and fresh vegetables for these foods is undoubtedly more beneficial to health. At the same time, fresh vegetables and fruits also have a certain detoxifying effect, which can help us excrete toxic substances in the body. When cooking at home, it is also best to use cooking methods such as frying, stewing, and boiling, and to minimize frying. Even if used, the fryer should not cut the food to be fried too thin or burn the oil too high.