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Formula of Fried meatballs

Feb 07, 2020


    Fully automatic fryer, meat grinder, stuffing machine, fryer, meatball machine, fryer, fishing fence, tray, small cold room, sealing machine

2. Raw materials

    Lamb, minced chicken breast, minced chicken leg.

3. Excipients

    Common salt, white sugar, monosodium glutamate, red yeast rice, compound phosphate, carrageenan, soy protein isolate, corn starch, peppercorn powder, white pepper powder, light onion, fresh ginger, sesame oil, egg white, lamb flavor.

4. Cornerstone formula

   40% mutton, 30% minced chicken breast, 30% minced chicken leg. In addition, with salt 3.6%, white sugar 2%, monosodium glutamate 0.5%, red yeast rice 0.1%, complex phosphate 0.6%, carrageenan 0.8%, soy protein isolate 3%, corn starch 10%, pepper powder 0.2%, white pepper Powder 0.1%, light white 10%, fresh ginger 6%, sesame oil 1%, egg white 6%, ice water 54.5%, mutton flavor E50731.6%.

5. Process flow

    Quality inspection and acceptance of raw and auxiliary materials → Thawing → Washing → Drying → Ground meat → Stuffing → Frying → Cooling → Quick-freezing → Packaging → Inspection and storage.

6. Operation points

    (1) The acceptance of raw and auxiliary materials shall be checked by the supplier and the quality acceptance department.

    (2) Thawing ground meat Place mutton, chicken breast, and minced meat of chicken legs in a freezing room, and thaw until the surface is slightly soft, and the temperature of the meat center is about -2 ° C. After washing the meat, dry it with water and grind it with a 6mm-diameter screen meat grinder.

    (3) Stir the stuffed meat with salt, sugar, phosphate, red yeast rice and an appropriate amount of ice water in a blender until the meat becomes thick and marinate for 2 hours; Add monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, pepper powder, white pepper powder and stir; finally add carrageenan, soy protein isolate and starch, mix with flavor and remaining water. The output temperature should not be higher than 10 ℃, so as to avoid protein denaturation in the meat, which results in poor product taste and low yield.

    (4) Fried molding Add the mixed filling to the meatball machine, adjust the cutting distance of the cutting mouth to meet the technical requirements, and use the container to connect the first few prototypes. After the molding is normal, start normal production It is required that the balls are well formed and uniform in size. The fryer is heated to 160 ° C to 180 ° C, the balls are fried to golden yellow, and the surface is hardened and removed.