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Five advantages of biomass pellet machine

Aug 21, 2020

First, reduce the economic burden of farmers and help farmers increase their income. Increasing the consumption of biomass energy by farmers can reduce the purchase of other non-renewable energy sources, thereby reducing cash expenditure; the collection and supply of biomass raw materials can create a large number of new jobs and bring direct benefits to farmers.

Second, improve the quality of life of farmers and improve the rural environment. The sulphur and ash content of biomass fuel is much lower than that of coal, and the combustion temperature is lower. Substituting coal can reduce sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and ash, which can not only improve the rural environment, but also reduce the accumulation of ash and ash in villages. The traffic volume is conducive to improving the appearance of the village.

Third, it will help ensure energy supply and improve energy efficiency. Part of the coal displaced from the rural areas can be used for large-capacity generating units for power generation or other purposes, which can alleviate the tight coal supply situation and avoid waste caused by the low efficiency of coal use in rural areas.

Fourth, reduce carbon dioxide and clean the atmosphere. During the cycle from biomass growth to combustion and utilization, the net increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is zero.

Fifth, it is conducive to achieving sustainable development. Biomass energy is a renewable energy source, and its sustainability is better than non-renewable energy sources such as oil, natural gas and coal.