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Features and scope of the latest automatic fryer

Apr 01, 2020

The fully automatic fryer completely changes the structure of the traditional fryer and adopts an oil-water integrated method. All the residues generated during the frying process are sunk into the water, which does not cause scorching problems. The water in the lower layer can continuously generate water vapor to add trace moisture to the high-temperature frying oil to ensure that the frying oil does not become black, thereby extending the oil change cycle.

    The machine is equipped with an inlet automatic thermostat. The operator only needs to set the temperature to achieve automatic temperature control, the temperature is self-adjusting, and there is no overheating and dry burning phenomenon. Convenient, efficient and energy-saving, greatly reducing air pollution. The water in the lower layer of the machine can automatically filter the impurities in the oil to ensure that the fried foods do not smell each other, have bright brilliance, and have no carcinogens, which is beneficial to the health of consumers.

    The machine is all stainless steel structure, fine workmanship, beautiful, strong and durable.

    Scope of application: skewers, fish, chicken legs, tofu, shrimp chips, french fries, vegetables, pasta, etc.

    The new energy-saving full-automatic fryer has various forms such as electric heating and coal heating. The whole machine uses imported high-quality stainless steel materials, which is exquisite, durable and durable. The intelligent digital display temperature controller is convenient and practical. Equipped with over-temperature protection device, you can rest assured that it is a smoke-free, multi-functional, water-oil mixed-type frying device; the fried food is not only color, flavor and taste, the appearance is clean and beautiful, and the product is improved Quality, extended shelf life, after continuous work tests on energy-saving fryer in our factory, its peroxide value and maintenance value have reached national standards, greatly extending the service life of frying oil, reducing extravagance, saving frying compared to traditional fryer. Oil above 50%. Suitable for small and medium food processing enterprises, fully automatic frying machines are widely used in hotels, restaurants, fried chicken restaurants, fast food restaurants, guest houses, military units, colleges, corporate canteens, fried food companies and chain stores.