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Edible quality of wheat flour

Nov 17, 2020

The quality of a kind of flour is good or bad, and it is reflected by the quality of the noodles made. We consider the quality traits of wheat flour that play a role in food production and have a direct impact on the texture and texture of pasta products as the edible quality of flour. It mainly includes the physical and chemical properties of wheat flour dough and the baking quality, cooking quality, and frying quality of flour. The edible cheat sheet of wheat flour can be directly evaluated by baking test, cooking test, etc., in addition, it can also be predicted by indirect methods, such as the appearance and physical and chemical indicators of wheat flour, the physical properties of the dough, and the specific viscosity of the batter. The direct method is relatively intuitive, simple and easy to implement, and can fully demonstrate the edible quality characteristics of wheat flour. Wheat flour machine, therefore, baking, steaming and frying tests have become more important and effective methods for evaluating the edible quality of wheat flour. Different foods have different requirements for the edible quality characteristics of wheat flour. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out targeted experiments such as baking, steaming and frying.