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Don't eat more fried food

Mar 25, 2020

Swedish scientists say that French fries, potato chips, certain types of breakfast cereals and rye rusks, as well as some foods that are fried at high temperatures, contain high levels of acrylamide. This is the first time that humans have discovered acrylamide from certain foods that have been cooked at high temperatures. Boiled food does not contain acrylamide, and a bag of potato chips contains 500 times the acrylamide. Once acrylamide enters the body, it will be quickly absorbed by the digestive organs. The Swedish Grain Administration then carried out further research and tested more than 100 carbohydrate food samples processed at high temperatures (fried, fried or grilled), and animal experiments have proven that acrylamide has a carcinogenic effect.

Norway, Britain, Switzerland, Germany, the United States and other countries have also started similar studies. Research data from multiple countries show that acrylamide-containing foods include French fries and chips, coffee, and cereal-based products such as pastries, cookies, and bread. However, the acrylamide content in the same food may vary significantly, depending on several factors including cooking temperature and time.

In February 2005, a joint expert committee composed of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization issued a brief report stating that there is already evidence that acrylamide can cause cancer in animals, and in some cases, such as fries, Unintentional acrylamide contaminants in high-temperature fried foods can cause disturbing food safety issues.

In April 2005, the monitoring results of the Food Contamination Monitoring Network of the Ministry of Health of China showed that high-temperature processed starch foods (such as fried potato chips and fried fries, etc.) have a higher acrylamide content, of which potato fried food The average content of acrylamide is four times higher than that of cereal fried foods. Chinese residents eat more fried foods and have larger exposures. Long-term low-dose exposure is potentially harmful.