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Differentiate soy sauce, pay attention to three shakes and three looks

Dec 22, 2019

Differentiate soy sauce, pay attention to "three shakes and three looks"

    A shake: good soy sauce will shake a lot of foam, it is not easy to disperse.

    Third look: First look at the process, whether it is brewing or preparing soy sauce, the high-salt, thin-salt brewed soy sauce using the traditional process has better flavor and higher salt content, and the low-salt solid fermentation soy sauce using the fast brewing process has lower salt content; Look at the indicators, the higher the amino acid nitrogen content, the more delicious; look at the use, soy sauce should be marked for food or cooking, can be directly imported for food, health requirements are high, if it is not for cooking Used directly in cold dishes.

    Identify the old oil: look at the color. Fresh fried foods are golden in color. Repeated use of the oil because it contains some precipitates may cause burnt substances to stick to the fried food, and the food will be darker in color. Second, taste. Repeatedly used fried foods feel sticky and smelly. Three pay attention to oil fume. Oil will produce more fume after repeated high temperature use. However, because some businesses may blend various types of food additives into old oil, based on the above methods, it is not absolutely possible to “verify” the old oil. Moreover, the amount of oil smoke is sometimes related to the type of oil. For example, rapeseed oil emits more smoke, while tea oil emits very little smoke. Fried production line