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Different between bamboo chopstick and wood chopsticks

Jun 28, 2019

As you know toothpick machine(bamboo toothpick machine and wood toothpick machine) and chopsticks machine(bamboo chopsticks machine and wood chopsticks machine) are more and more popular recent years,especially bamboo and wood products can not be import and export.

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Toothpicks and Chopsticks are a necessity in our life. Because there are many kinds of chopsticks in the material, what is the difference between different chopsticks? Below the chopsticks machine manufacturers to introduce the difference between wooden chopsticks and bamboo chopsticks.

chopsticks machine

1, bamboo chopsticks

Bamboo chopsticks should be selected from primary colors and lacquered. If the bamboo chopsticks are not coated with a layer of lacquer, it is easy to wear and crack, and the food residue is easy to stay in the gap and breed bacteria. The surface of the painted bamboo chopsticks is bright, while the surface of the unpainted bamboo chopsticks is dark.

2, wooden chopsticks

Wooden chopsticks should not be decorated with colored paint, because once the paint is peeled off, it will enter the human body with food and affect health. Wooden chopsticks are prone to mildew and should be placed in a dry, well-ventilated place after each wash.

Because these are made of wood products, we must remember to dry them after use. If we don't dry them, it will easily make our chopsticks moldy and affect the life of chopsticks.

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