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Degree of fat deterioration of automatic fryer

Mar 16, 2020

The fully-automatic fry fried food is not easy to fade, discolor and brown, and can maintain the color of the raw material itself. For example, kiwi fruit is extremely susceptible to heat browning. If it is vacuum fried, it can maintain its green color. Preservative effect: vacuum frying is adopted, and the raw materials are heated under a sealed vacuum state. Most of the flavor components in the raw materials are water-soluble and do not dissolve in fats and oils, and with the dehydration of the raw materials, these flavor components are further concentrated. Therefore, the automatic fryer uses vacuum frying technology to well preserve the flavor of the raw material itself. Decrease the degree of fat deterioration: The deterioration of frying oil includes oxidation, polymerization, and thermal decomposition, and it is mainly caused by the hydrolysis of water or water vapor in contact with oil. During the vacuum frying process, the oil is in a negative pressure state, and the gas dissolved in the fat quickly escapes in large quantities. The generated water vapor pressure is low and the frying temperature is low. Therefore, the degree of deterioration of the fat is greatly reduced.

    Is the fryer manufacturer's certificate complete? Is the fryer beautiful and beautiful. Is the automatic fryer environmentally friendly. Color-preserving effect: The vacuum frying temperature is greatly reduced, and the oxygen concentration in the fryer is also greatly reduced.