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Deep fryer, vacuum low temperature frying

Feb 29, 2020

Vacuum low temperature frying is different from the normal pressure frying described above. It uses the reduced pressure to reduce the vaporization temperature of water in the food, which can quickly dehydrate in a short period of time to achieve deep-fried food at low temperature; oil The fryer is a closed container with an upper part connected to a vacuum pump. In order to facilitate degreasing operations, a centrifugal oil rejection device is provided. The oil throwing device is driven by a motor. After the frying is completed, the oil level is lowered so that the oil level is lower than the fried product. The motor is driven to perform centrifugal oil throwing. After the oil throwing is finished, the product is taken out and fried in the next cycle. The operation of the oil in the oil storage tank is controlled by a vacuum beam, that is, the height of the oil level of the fryer is controlled by a vacuum pump. After the frying, the oil is filtered by a filter to remove the residue generated during frying in time to prevent the oil from being contaminated. The vacuum degree of vacuum frying is generally maintained between 92-99kPa (690-740mmHg), the oil temperature is only about 100 ° C, the oil temperature is low and the contact between fat and oxygen is low, and the degradation reaction of fat oxidation, polymerization and decomposition is slowed down . The oil content of vacuum fried products is lower than that of normal pressure frying. For the same food ingredients, if the oil content of normal pressure fried products is as high as 40%, if vacuum frying is used, the oil content of its products can be reduced to less than 20%. . Not only reduces the fuel consumption, but also improves the storage resistance of fried products. When vacuum frying food under vacuum, dehydration occupies a considerable position because of the existence of vacuum, so it is different from original deep-fried food. Vacuum low temperature frying is also different from dry, because the substantial changes that occur in the processing of general fried foods are far from what can be achieved by general dehydration and drying. In view of this, vacuum low temperature frying is mostly used to produce high-moisture fruits and vegetables as raw materials to produce crisps such as fried potato chips and fried fruit chips.