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Correctly identify the nine properties of a fryer

Feb 16, 2020

When purchasing a fryer, you can identify the performance of the fryer by the following 9 methods: 

1: How many tons per person per day of the fryer is produced, whether the machine automatically controls the temperature, removes the residue, removes the residue, and automatically filters the oil , Automatic oiling, automatic oil discharge and other functions. 

2: The color of the produced food looks good, the taste is pure or not, how long is the shelf life of the food, whether the cooking oil will rancid, etc.

 3: How much cost can be saved each day, how much coal is required to fry a ton of finished products, whether the coal can be removed Smoke, dust removal, how much labor is used, etc. 

4: Is the maintenance of the fryer simple? It is welding, motherboard, electronic components, instrumentation. How much do your company personnel know and can you control? 

5: How long is the service life of the fryer, such as the life of the heating pipe, the pot out device, and the temperature control system. 

6: Whether the price of the fryer is balanced with the production volume

 7: Is the certificate of the fryer manufacturer complete? 

8: Whether the fryer is beautiful and beautiful. 

9: Is the fryer environmentally friendly?