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Continuous Fryer: Three Mistakes in Food Additives

Dec 21, 2019

Continuous Fryer: Three Mistakes in Food Additives

Misunderstanding 1: "No food additives" and "No preservatives", rest assured

    "Foods that are free of preservatives and food additives must be safe?" Food experts gave a negative response. It is said that some foods are labeled "preservative-free" because such foods do not require preservatives, such as some high-sugar, high-salt foods, which have high sugar and high salt properties that inhibit microorganisms Role. Continuous fryer

Misunderstanding 2: Synthesis is harmful, and natural is equal to safety

    The citizen Ms. Huang admitted that when she saw the slogan "No artificial coloring" on the food, she usually felt relieved that it was harmless without added coloring. Food experts point out that people generally feel safer about natural colors than synthetic colors, so some businesses use this to promote "no artificial colors". In fact, as long as it is a synthetic colorant approved for use according to regulations, it will not cause health hazards. Continuous fryer

Myth 3: You can use it arbitrarily if you meet the standard

    Staff from the industrial and commercial department said that although the food additives used in accordance with the standards do not endanger health, they do not encourage the consumption of processed foods containing additives. Continuous fryer