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Continuous fryer: Precautions for using oil-water mixed fryer

Dec 24, 2019

Continuous fryer: Precautions for using oil-water mixed fryer

    The oil-water mixed fryer is a new energy-saving and oil-saving fryer launched by our company. It is a revolutionary product in the fryer industry. It breaks through the characteristics of serious oil fume and serious acidification of the original fryer, which makes the frying life longer , Fried without oil fume, fuel-saving effect is obvious, is a revolution in the frying era. The precautions for using the continuous fryer are as follows:

1. Wire in strict accordance with the schematic diagram of the appliance, and the case must be grounded. The front section of the main power supply must be connected to a leakage circuit breaker. Never touch electrical components with power on.

2. Water must be added to the furnace before the power is turned on, so as not to damage the heating tube.

3. Do not add water during the work process, and do not replace the internal water if the oil temperature is higher than 80 ℃.

4. Oil with too high moisture content and easy foaming cannot be used in this equipment. Continuous fryer

5. Change the water once a day in summer and regularly in winter according to the water quality. The heating tube must be immersed in the medium to work.

6. During the working process, if food with a large amount of water is thrown in or food is overloaded at one time, boiling will occur. The operator must pay attention to avoid being burnt by the spilled high-temperature oil. Continuous fryer

7. When the water level in the furnace is too high, the excess water must be drained through the oil drain pipe to prevent the occurrence of oil spills.

8. The set temperature should be lower than 230 ° C. When the operator leaves, the power must be cut off.

9. The equipment should be maintained at least once a month, and the surface of the heating pipe should be cleaned in time. Continuous fryer