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Continuous fryer manufacturing method of coated peanuts

Apr 02, 2020

1.Coated peanut ingredients for continuous fryer

    1 kg of peanuts, 2 kg of starch (also flour), 5 kg of sugar, 20 g of salt, 5 g of spiced incense, 5 g of pepper, 10 g of paprika, 200 g of cooking oil, 5 g of soda powder, 500 g of water , Continuous fryer.

2. Raw material processing

    (1) The sugar is warmed with warm water at 60-70 ° C for later use.

    (2) Mix dry flour with soda flour, and mix in salt.

    (3) Pour the peanuts that have been cooked to eight into a 50-60 cm diameter sugar-coating machine, and use a rice spoon to wet the sugar water (about one spoon). , Let the sugar water evenly mix on the peanuts instead of condensing on the bottom of the pot.

    (4) After mixing, start to spread starch on the peanut rice. The action is the same as mixing sugar water. Pour a bit of sugar water. After shaking, spread a layer of starch immediately. Repeat this process until the peanut rice gets half a millimeter of starch. Use a spoon to pour in half a spoon of edible oil. Do not sprinkle starch for the moment: when the oil is evenly mixed, sprinkle the starch, pour sugar, and stir until the peanut rice is about 1 mm thick with starch. Just fine. Spread the mixed peanut beans on a chopping board or in a large container to avoid sticking.


    When the oil is burned to a blue smoke, pour into two large bowls of raw embryos each time and keep stirring, so as not to cause the peanut beans that are sinking in the bottom of the pot to be fried and blackened until they are both oily and sauce When it is yellow, remove it immediately, and then put in the second raw embryo. Repeat this process until it is fried.

4. Mixing

    Mix the remaining sugar water of the peanut rice with the white sugar in the previous bowl, boil the dilute shape (maintain about 300 grams of water), lift the sugar water dripped from the spoon into a glass filament, instead of dropping drop by drop, at this time the pepper Pour powder, thirteen incense powder, and chili powder all into the boiled sugar and stir. Pour the fried peanuts together with the spicy ingredients into a large basin or large pot and stir evenly. The continuous fryer is then placed in a large container and aired. Stir once for 10-20 minutes to obtain the finished product.