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Classification of tea bag packaging machines

Dec 07, 2020

Now in society, with the development of tea products in a diversified direction, my country's tea packaging machinery industry has also developed rapidly, and has gradually shown a diversified development direction. For the tea packaging machine, as a common packaging equipment in the packaging industry, its development will affect the spread of my country's five thousand years of tea culture.

Everyone knows the role played by tea packaging machines in the market, and because any product needs to be packaged, the packaging function of tea packaging machines has been gradually changed, so that the packaging machine manufacturers in my country can produce The equipment can be developed in a more diversified direction.

According to the shape of tea and different packaging needs, the current tea packaging machines are divided into: tea vacuum packaging machine, tea bag packaging machine, inner and outer bag tea packaging machine, cotton thread tea packaging machine, label tea packaging machine, triangle bag tea packaging Machine, double-fold bag tea packaging machine, etc.

Among them, the emergence of the tea vacuum packaging machine not only brought more surprises to enterprises, but also promoted the growth of the market economy. Because the vacuum packaging of tea leaves can protect products from environmental pollution and extend the shelf life of food. Its scope of application is becoming wider and wider, and some will gradually replace rigid packaging, so its development prospects are very promising.

The tea bag packaging machine has developed with the development of packaging materials and tea bag shapes. From a single cloth bag packaging machine to a multi-functional packaging machine, the packaging speed is from 30-40 bags/min to 2000 bags/min, and the progress is quite rapid.

The tea bag packaging machine is only suitable for cloth bags, and its working principle is like a household sewing machine, and the maximum packaging speed is 45 bags/min. After the invention of tea filter paper, heat-sealing and cold-sealing packaging machines appeared. Among them, the heat-sealing type is that the three sides of the filter paper tea bag are sealed by heating, and the cold-sealing type is to fold the filter paper into a bag and seal it with magnesium-aluminum alloy wire nails; in order to facilitate drinking, heat-sealed or nailed one at the mouth The labeled cotton thread makes it easy to put the tea bag in and take out the tea cup. Teabag has developed rapidly at home and abroad, and its development has also driven the development of related machinery manufacturing and printing industries. With the development of tea products in the direction of diversification, flavored tea, medicinal tea and other products will gradually become popular in the market, and Chinese teabags will have better development space.