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China's drying equipment self-sufficiency rate reached 60%, high-end export breakthrough

Oct 21, 2019


At present, in the sales of domestic drying equipment, economic drying equipment accounts for about 50%, meeting the domestic market demand; popular drying equipment accounts for about 45%, achieving large-scale production; advanced drying equipment accounts for about 5% The variety has increased greatly; the economic drying equipment has reached the capacity of bulk export, the popular drying equipment has gradually expanded its exports, and the export of advanced drying equipment has made breakthroughs.


Realize the industrialization of key functional components, lay the foundation for the upgrading of drying equipment products; develop high-precision digital measuring instruments and knives for medium and high-grade drying equipment; implement advanced drying equipment demonstration projects to meet the needs of national key projects.


Experts said that the development and progress of the drying equipment industry has changed the society and the public's views on the machinery industry and equipment manufacturing industry and certain traditional concepts to some extent, and promoted social progress. Therefore, it is important to push the drying equipment forward. To promote the progress of drying equipment, we must increase the intensity of innovation and continue to innovate.


To become the main body of technological innovation, enterprises should be connected with universities and scientific research units in various forms to rationally allocate and utilize resources, effectively cultivate and develop their innovative capabilities; and continue to reform and open up policies. Introduction and absorption; new capabilities cannot be introduced, and it is necessary to expand the combination of technology and trade and accelerate independent innovation. Innovation, introduction, digestion, absorption, transformation, and independent innovation can not be less.


Policy support is a guarantee. China's drying equipment industry is about to face a watershed of epoch-making development. Relevant enterprises must seize the opportunity to make innovations and progress on the basis of guarantees by relevant government policies. With the support of independent innovation and policies, enterprises must conform to the trend of the times and must conform to the market development trend.