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Brief introduction of suspended fish feed production line

Jun 13, 2019

Brief introduction of floating fish feed production line:

1.Design control The technical personnel shall carry out scientific and reasonable design according to the specific requirements of the user and the actual situation of the test, and compile the whole process process card of equipment manufacturing.

2. Procurement Control Establish a list of suppliers, conduct strict inspections and comparisons with suppliers, follow the principle of quality, establish supplier files, and purchase outsourcing parts of the same variety. The suppliers that can supply normally shall not be less than three.

3. Production control Production must be based on technical documents. The processed quality products must be marked for each process. The key parts must be clearly identified to ensure traceability.

4. Inspection and control ● The inspection of raw materials and purchased and outsourced parts by full-time inspectors shall be carried out in large batches, but the sampling inspection shall not be 30% lower. The key and precise outsourcing parts must be fully inspected. ●The processing of self-made parts must be carried out by self-inspection, mutual inspection, re-examination, and general inspection. All qualified products can be classified as qualified products. ●The finished product can be installed and started in the factory. The test machine can be started in the factory. After the inspection is passed, the factory can be manufactured. If the machine cannot be installed in the factory, it must be strictly inspected in stages. The installation in the demanding factory is completed and the test machine is successful. Certificate of conformity.

5.Developed on the basis of single screw, it is suitable for the production of various pet foods. It is easy to operate, has a long service life and low labor costs, and meets the waste of re-materials in the production process. Increase the use rate of materials and win the favor of the majority of users. Fish feed pellets range from 1-10mm with a protein content of up to 50%.

6.The suspended fish feed production line is currently the leading technology in China. The advantages are no waste, no pollution water source, increase the survival rate of seedling fish, etc. The diameter of the product is divided into 1-10mm, which satisfies the different stages from seedling to adult fish. According to the demand of feed, the company has developed and developed various types of suspended fish feed production lines according to the market demand in recent years. According to the different yields, the large floating fish feed production line also has various configurations to meet the needs of different customers. . The large floating fish feed production line can adjust the raw material, temperature, moisture and other process parameters to make the product have the characteristics of novel shape, unique taste, rich nutrition and fine structure. The production line is widely used in the production of dogs, cats, fish and shrimps, foxes and various pet foods. It is an ideal choice for different manufacturers.

7.The pictures of the suspended fish feed production line are as follows:

feed pellet machine line