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Brief introduction of peanut sheller machine

Mar 23, 2021

Peanut shelling machine (also known as peanut shelling machine or peanut peeling machine) is a popular product developed by our factory according to the needs of the current peanut market. The main feature of the peanut shelling machine is the low crushing rate of the processed peanuts and the sorting It is clean, good in color, and less impurity, and its various goals are in line with national standards. Our factory has strong technical force, complete equipment, leading technical inspection methods, and is well received by a wide range of users for its excellent products and comprehensive service. We will follow the operating principle of "Quality No. 1 and Reputation First" from beginning to end, so that our products will enter thousands of households. The peanut sheller produced by Jinhai Machinery consists of a frame, an electric fan, a rotor, a single-phase motor, a screen (two sizes), a hopper, a sensational screen, a V-belt and a driving V-belt. After the machine is in normal operation, peanuts are put into the hopper in a quantitative, uniform, and consecutive manner. The peanut shells are broken under the repeated impact, conflict, and collision of the rotor. Peanut kernels and broken peanut shells pass through a screen with a certain aperture under the rotating wind pressure and impact of the rotor (the first threshing of the peanut list uses a large-hole screen, and the small skins after cleaning are replaced with a small-hole screen for the second At this time, the peanut shells and grains are subjected to the blowing force of the rotating electric fan, and the light-weight peanut shells are blown out of the machine body, and the peanut grains are selected through a sensational sieve to reach the purpose of cleaning.

Structure and operating principle of peanut sheller machine:

This machine is composed of several parts such as grain rods, grid bars, concave plates, fans, specific gravity sorting and secondary hoisting. It has a simple and compact structure, simple operation, stable function, safe and reliable.

Principle of operation: The peanuts are manually fed and fall into the rough grid first. Due to the rubbing force between the rolling of the paper board and the concave plate of the fixed grid, the peanut kernels and the shells after the peanut shellsare peeled off and fall through the grid together. Then pass through the air duct and blow most of the peanut shells out of the machine by the wind, and the peanut kernels and a part of the unpeeled peanuts will fall into the specific gravity sorting sieve together. The unpeeled peanuts (small fruits) flow down the sieve surface and flow into the hoist through the outlet, and then the hoist is sent to the fine-grain grid for secondary peeling, and then sorted by the specific gravity branch. , You can reach all peeling.

Peanut Shelling Machine