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Brief introduction of large powder vertical packaging machine

Dec 17, 2020

Large powder vertical packaging machine is also called powder vertical packaging machine, powder vertical packaging machine, etc. The equipment adopts advanced PLC and photoelectric control system, which can automatically complete measurement, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, and printing Production date, cut easy mouth and other processes. This production line is fully automated to realize product packaging assembly line operation, improve enterprise production efficiency, and greatly reduce product costs.

Supporting equipment for large powder vertical packaging machine:

1. Choose another name for weight,

2. Metal detector

3. Finished turntable

Main performance and structural features of large powder vertical packaging machine:

1. Used to measure powdery materials that are easy to flow or have poor fluidity.

2. The machine can complete metering, filling, nitrogen filling and other tasks, and the screw is driven by the servo motor to rotate to achieve the purpose of metering and filling materials.

3. The stainless steel open-type bin is easy to clean and meets the enterprise's safety and health management requirements.

4. It adopts rotating screw feeding, independent stirring, servo motor control system, which has the advantages of sensitive action, fast metering speed, high precision and stable performance.

Scope of application of large powder vertical packaging machine:

Suitable for packaging various powder products, automatic packaging of powder materials in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, chemical and other products, such as milk powder, soybean powder, flour, protein powder, starch, seasoning powder, coffee powder, facial mask powder, health tea , Glucose powder, pearl powder, soda powder and other powders.