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Bearing temperature control of food dryer is very important

Jun 03, 2020

In order to minimize the occurrence of defects, blockages and damages in the operation of the food dryer machine, it is necessary to periodically shut down to check, clean up all the materials, clear the debris of the equipment, carefully check each part of the machine, and do maintenance operation. The working part of the machine should be strengthened, and grease should be applied regularly to ensure the flexibility of rolling. Together, it should be ensured that each part of the rolling shaft should be filled with grease once a month.

Regular inspections are required. Once the sealing of the hot blast stove is found to be inadequate, the sealing material should be replaced in time. The operator must ensure that all fasteners are fastened, and often check and adjust the tightness of each transmission belt. Once an abnormality is found, the cause must be identified and dealt with in a timely manner to eliminate the problem. After the drying operation is completed, the dust and debris in the machine should be removed in time, especially the debris in the drying tower and the feeding and progressive spiral ends, which is convenient for the next operation.

The operation of the food dryer requires the cooperation of the bearings. The operator should always check the bearing temperature to ensure that it is within 50°C and check whether the bearings are normal. In normal bearing operation, the gear acoustic response should be stable, and there should be no obvious impact, vibration and transmission in the transmission, support and cylinder reversal. After the drying operation technology, the debris on the food dryer should be cleaned up in time, such as dust, debris, bellflower, etc. After using the food dryer for the next time, the debris remaining in the machine should be thoroughly removed; the exhaust hose and the debris hose should be removed and stored otherwise.

For the touch condition of dry media and materials. It is useful to add the drying medium and the touch area of the material during the operation process, which can improve the drying rate, for example, setting a lifting plate device. The temperature, humidity and flow rate of the drying medium. When the temperature of the drying medium is higher, the relative humidity will become smaller, and the greater the flow rate, the shorter the drying time. However, the temperature, humidity and process of the drying medium will be affected by the characteristics of the material and the food dryer equipment.