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Apricot pitter

Sep 07, 2019

Features of apricot pitter:


720404 fruit pitting machine

(1) The automatic apricot pitter machine adopts a device with high degree of automation, and the mold conveyor belt automatically feeds and feeds the material, and only needs to pour the fruit into the feeding hopper to complete the nuclear meat separation effect, which can be continuously uninterrupted. Work has completely solved the difficulty of manual nuclear removal, low labor, and time-consuming.

(2) The structure of the core removal machine is made of 304 stainless steel thick-walled square tube and channel steel, which makes the equipment more stable during start-up operation. All parts are assembled by bolts, which makes the equipment more convenient during operation and maintenance. Fast.

(3) The raw materials of the equipment are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which fully conforms to the sanitary standard of food processing equipment. The conveyor belt adopts imported polyurethane material, which is anti-wear, tensile and tear resistant, and has a long service life.

(4) The operation of the nuclear removal machine is simple and convenient. It does not need to be taken care of for a long time. One person can manage multiple machines at the same time. The transmission system adopts advanced design concepts and standardized components. The principle of punching core adopts the process of machine tool to punch the core, so that each equipment is It meets the highest design standards and has high precision, so that the rate of nuclear removal can reach 100%, and the shape of the fruit is completely unchanged.


The storage hopper and the conveyor belt are directly combined, and the template is selected according to the shape and diameter of the fruit, and the fruit is poured into the storage hopper to achieve the effect of feeding and conveying, and the fruit automatically enters the template hole after falling on the conveyor belt. The excess fruit is brushed into other holes by the brush, so that the feeding efficiency reaches more than 95%, which greatly improves the working efficiency. After the hole is positioned, the fruit continues to be conveyed and pushed forward, and the fruit is in the process of conveying and advancing. Using the process of the machine tool to carry out the nucleation, the nuclear nucleus falls into the nucleus and automatically flows out and collects together. The fruit that has passed through the nucleus continues to be transported to the next step to automatically drop the fruit, so that the shape of the discharged fruit is completely unchanged, and the fruit falls into the the inside automatically collects and collects together to achieve the separation of the fruit and the core.

Apricot pitter