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Application of extruder in fishmeal processing

May 27, 2019

As we all know, fishmeal is a high-quality animal protein feed, which is an important part of today's animal balanced diet. Its crude protein content is over 60%, the amino acid composition is balanced, and various essential amino acids are rich in fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E) and B vitamins (B12B2), which also contain more iodine and selenium, also contain unknown growth-promoting factors, which are beneficial to the growth and development of livestock and poultry. The quality of fishmeal is better in lighter color, higher protein content, lower crude fat and coarse ash.

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At present, there are mainly three production methods, namely, soil method, dry method and wet method. At present, these three processing methods are combined in China. The raw material required for the processing method of the puffed fish meal is dry fish, so the processing method of the puffed fish meal can be classified into a dry processing method.

The main equipment of the puffed fishmeal is a special puffing machine for fishmeal. The working principle of the puffing machine is: the material is sent into the puffing machine, and the screw spiral pushes the material to form an axial flow. At the same time, due to the mechanical friction between the spiral and the material, the material and the barrel and the material, the material is strongly squeezed, stirred and sheared, and as a result, the material is further refined and homogenized. As the pressure gradually increases, the temperature rises correspondingly. Under the conditions of high temperature, high pressure and high shear, the physical properties of the material change, from powder to paste, protein denaturation, partial degradation and refinement of the fiber. The germs are killed, health indicators are increased, and toxic components are inactivated. When the paste material is ejected from the die hole, under the strong pressure difference, the material is puffed, dehydrated and cooled. The puffed product structure is loose, porous, crisp, and has good palatability and flavor.

Compared with the traditional processing methods, the characteristics of the expanded fishmeal equipment produced by our company are:

? Green, no pollution:

Traditional fishmeal processing methods use boilers, and the production process is seriously polluted, and the scale of production is limited by national policies. The main equipment of the whole processing unit of puffed fishmeal is the special puffing machine for fishmeal. The production process does not require steam, and it is a green and environmentally friendly processing method.

The puffed fish meal has the characteristics of "the price of domestic fishmeal and the quality of imported fishmeal";

(1), high biological price:

The protein is re-distributed and homogenized by the high temperature, high pressure and strong shearing force of the extruder. The molecular structure is stretched, recombined, and the secondary bonds such as intermolecular hydrogen bonds and disulfide bonds are partially broken, resulting in protein finalization. transsexual. This degeneration makes it easier for proteases to enter the interior of the protein, thereby increasing digestibility. The high temperature and high pressure of the fish in the extruder are instantaneously completed (5 - 6s) without destroying the effectiveness of the amino acid.

(2), anti-rancid, easy to save:

Fishmeal contains high fat, but its fat is easily oxidized, which often causes vitamin A and vitamin E to be deficient with oil oxidation. At the same time, fat oxidation increases, which is one of the causes of spontaneous combustion of fish meal. Puffing inactivates the factors that promote fat hydrolysis, such as fish fat hydrolase and lipoxygenase. The free fatty acid content of the expanded fish meal during storage is significantly lower than other fishmeal. Therefore, puffed fishmeal can be preserved for a long time and kept fresh.

(3), kill bacteria, prevent diarrhea of livestock and poultry diarrhea:

Through the high temperature and high pressure of the extruder, the intestinal bacteria, Escherichia coli, mold, and Salmonella in the expanded fish meal are all inactivated, thus preventing and controlling the diarrhea and diarrhea of the livestock and poultry, and enhancing the disease resistance of the livestock and poultry.

(4), beautiful appearance, good palatability:

The high temperature, high pressure and high shear force of the puffing process not only fully mature the puffed fish meal, but also have a strong fish flavor, and the cell wall of the fiber and oil is broken, the oil is exposed, and the instantaneous expansion makes the puffed fish meal loose, porous and crisp. The palatability and flavor.

? Low production costs:

The unit has reasonable process design, high degree of automation and convenient installation. Only three people can realize continuous production in the whole production process. The direct costs of production are as follows:

factory fish feed pellet machine

Remarks: The electricity fee is calculated at $0.11 / kW/h.

Flexible configuration:

Our company has strong technical strength, can provide standard process configuration, and can flexibly design and configure processing technology according to customer needs.

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