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Application and scope of frying equipment

Feb 05, 2020

1.The frying machine uses natural gas, liquefied gas or coal as fuel, and uses hot air as a drying medium to apply heat energy to the baked object. During the frying process, the fried object flows from the outer barrel to the inner barrel through the deflector. Then it flows into the outer barrel to form an uninterrupted circulation, which makes it evenly heated, which effectively guarantees the quality of frying. The frying machine is used for baking salted, salty and crispy, spiced, peanut rice, chestnut, cashew, hazelnut, ginkgo And other granular materials. Fried machinery products have good taste, clean and hygienic, and can meet export standards.

2.Frying equipment has low temperature and low loss of nutrients. The water evaporates quickly and the drying time is short. It has a puffing effect on food, which improves the rehydration of Hehe product. Grease degradation is slow and fuel consumption is low. Frying equipment is mainly used in food industries such as fast food and food processing. Frying equipment is one of the main equipments of fast food restaurants. Application is divided into normal pressure deep-frying equipment and vacuum deep-frying equipment. The program is fully automatic control. Processing, vacuum frying, post-frying processing.

3.Products that can be processed using deep-frying equipment include: broad beans, green beans, peanuts, multi-flavored fish, and strange-flavored beans; puffed foods such as rice crackers and potato chips; noodles such as rice noodles, cat ears, shaqima, and twists; Meat products, chicken legs and other meat products; aquatic products such as yellow croaker, strip fish; soy products such as dried tofu and tofu; can process and process noodles, pots, rice bars, twists, pizza rolls, shells, etc. The frying equipment has various advantages such as controllable oil temperature, simple operation, convenient residue removal and energy saving.