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Application and characteristics of stainless steel conveyor

Jan 16, 2020

Application of stainless steel conveyor: 

It is widely used in electric power, grain, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, mine, port, building materials and other fields. In recent years, because of its wide range of conveying materials, wide range of conveying capacity, strong adaptability of conveying route, flexible loading and unloading, strong reliability and low cost, belt conveyor has gradually begun to replace automobile and locomotive transportation in some fields. It has become the main equipment of bulk transportation and plays a more and more important role in the social and economic structure. In particular, the electric drum-driven belt conveyor has more unparalleled advantages and development potential in the process of bulk material transportation in grain depots, so we open up our thinking, strive for innovation and combine our original knowledge and existing materials to innovate and improve it. In this process, testing its innovation ability makes its application more extensive and plays a more important role in all fields of the national economy. 

The characteristics of stainless steel conveyor: large conveying capacity, efficient conveyor allows to transport a large number of materials in a small space, conveying capacity 6mcm sup3pact pact 600mcm sup3pac pact h. The energy consumption of conveying is low, and with the help of the internal friction of the material, the driving material is changed into pulling, so that it can save electricity by 50% compared with the screw conveyor. Sealed and safe, fully sealed casing makes dust seamless drillable, safe operation and reliable operation. The service life of the conveyor chain made of alloy steel by advanced heat treatment is long, its normal life is more than 5 years, and the life of the rollers on the chain is more than 2 years and 3 years according to different materials. Process layout is flexible, can be elevated, ground or pit layout, can be installed horizontally or climbing ≤ 15 °, can also be installed horizontally plus climbing on the same machine, can be more in and out of materials. The utility model has the advantages of low use cost, power saving and durability, less maintenance and low cost, which is about 1x10 of the screw machine, which can ensure the normal operation of the main engine to increase output, reduce consumption and improve efficiency.