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Advantages of Chopsticks Machine

Dec 27, 2018

First, the production of sanitary chopsticks, ice cream handle (stick), you can choose Poplar, birch and a variety of wood as raw materials, only need to replace the tool can do the above products, to achieve small investment, high efficiency, easy to buy raw materials, more than one machine and other advantages. Second, truncation-cooking (or water immersion)-by rotary machine-engraving cutting machine-dryer-chamfer (or polishing)-packaging into the warehouse.

The production of ice cream handles eliminates chamfering machines. Third, Equipment introduction: Each side of wood production 70,000 ~ 100,000 double sanitary chopsticks, equipment small units 8 hours to produce 10 ~ 150,000 pairs, medium-sized units produced 25 ~ 300,000 pairs, large units produced 45 ~ 500,000 pairs, such as skilled production there is a substantial increase, engraving cutting machine,

The chamfering machine can increase the equipment according to your production needs and economic conditions. Iv. Cost accounting and economic analysis (8 hours a day): According to the size of the wood diameter per square wood production of 7 ~ 100,000 pairs of chopsticks x Market price = Gross Profit-raw material feed-electricity-labor-(including tax reporting, plant, packaging, etc., according to your actual situation) = daily wood production of pure profit x daily use of several square wood = 8 hours of pure profit.

To sum up, the general production of 2 ~ 3 months can recover all the investment.