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Advantages and technical characteristics of semi-automatic fryer

Feb 23, 2020

1. Health and environmental protection: Traditional fryers, the fried food is prone to scorching, and the oil that is repeatedly fried is black and has many impurities, which is not good for health. In the semi-automatic fryer, the fried food is not only good in color, flavor and taste, but also has a clean and beautiful appearance, which improves product quality and extends shelf life. And there is no carcinogen, which is good for health.

    2. Reasonable structure, sturdy and durable: install automatic temperature controller, the operator only needs to set the temperature to achieve automatic temperature control, temperature self-adjusting, no overheating and dry burning phenomenon The whole machine adopts stainless steel structure, fine workmanship, beautiful, durable.

    3. Deep-fried poultry, meat, fish, wheat noodles, fries and vegetables, etc., is a good helper for your business.

Technical characteristics of semi-automatic fryer:

    1. The oil-water mixing technology is adopted to automatically filter the residue, which can extend the oil change interval and greatly reduce the oil cost.

    2. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel with exquisite workmanship and durability.

    3. The intelligent digital display temperature controller is convenient and practical.

    4. The automatic temperature control is adopted to effectively separate the inferior oil, which is safe, easy to clean and convenient to maintain.