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Industrial Powder Grinder

Industrial Powder Grinder
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Industrial powder grinder can grinding corn ,beans, wheat, chili, black pepper, cassava, rice, sorghum, millet, turmeric, spice, Fruit Shell, herbs, bark, leaves, wheat bran, rice husk, corn cob, straw, dried small shrimps, fish meal, seaweed, dehydrated vegetables, hawthorn, jujube, lees, potato residue, tea, soybean, plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit,etc.

Industrial Powder Grinder

The Industrial powder grinder consists of several parts, such as material loading slide, crushing chamber and conveying device.There is a rotor in the crushing chamber. The rotor consists of a disk and a movable hammer.Sieve and tooth plate are also the main working parts of the crusher.Work, processed materials from sheng material slide into the crushing indoor, repeated shocks by high speed rotating hammer, friction and collision on the tooth plate, so it was gradually pieces to the granularity of the leaking through the sieve pore.The missing feed is sent to the collecting drum by the conveying fan and the feeding tube, and then separated in the collecting drum. The powder is discharged from the lower part of the bag and the air is discharged from the upper part.

The Industrial powder grinder consists of several parts, such as rotor, hammer piece, hammer piece, hammer piece frame, tooth plate, sieve piece, fan, body, etc. When the single machine is used, it needs to be equipped with material collecting tube, dust collecting cloth bag and other material discharging device to prevent dust from flying

★ Technical parameters :


WS9FQ-500(with cyclone)

WS9FQ-1000(with cyclone)




Power (KW)






Industrial Powder Grinder

★ 9FQ industrial powder grinder description

1. Full automatic control electric heating device, adjusting the dry humidity of material at will, keep stable discharging molding and improve the working efficiency.

2. Main parts adopt wear-resisting material through special processing, so can suppress the production continuously, durable.

3. Suitable for all kinds of biomass raw materials. Such as corn straw, wheat straw, cotton stalks, rice straw, rice husk, peanut shell, corn cob, branches, leaves, sawdust.

4. Reasonable design, manufacturing quality and reliable, simple structure, convenient operation, small volume, save work, save electricity.

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