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Portable Grass Cutter

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 ★ Brief introduce

portable grass cutter machine mainly used commonly in the animal husbandry and aquaculture, such as cattle, horse, sheep, pigs, chicken, duck, goose, newborn piggy and other animals can also be used for Biogas, edible fungus, manure and needs to be chopped items; Can handle material is straw, rice straw, wild grass, wheat straw, corn stalks, peanut soil, sweet potato flesh, sweet potato pulp, etc.; Large diameter can also cut off the branches, bark of not more than 3 cm,slab, such as materials, used for processing of biological power plant raw materials, industrial raw materials.

Portable Grass Cutter


★ Technical parameters



Equip electric machine (kw)


Equip diesel engine (hp)


Productivity (T/h)


★ Pre-sale service:

1. According to the customer's needs,we will give a detail suggest.

2. Provide professional machine design with our engineer

3. Offer various payments to avoid financial issues

4. Be ready to your visiting.

Client's feedback of the portable grass cutter machine

Portable Grass Cutter


★ Advantage

1.High efficiency and easy operation.

2.Low noise.

3.The 100% copper motor with Chinese international

Portable Grass Cutter

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