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Maize Grinding Machine

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★ Machine description

1.Composed of peeling system, smashing system, and mesh system.

2.Excellent corn processing performance, output corn grits or flour can access to supermarkets directly.

3.Plus additional function to process rice, wheat, sorghum, beans, and other crops except millet.

4.Multifunctional: cleaning, peeling, removing corn germ, radicle and black hilum, smashing, classifying, polishing, and intensive selecting via mesh system.

5. Final output product in 22 different sizes from half maize seed to maize flour.

6.Provide best corn grit/flour material for ethanol brewing or human food.

★ working principle

1.This machine is a combined corn processing equipment, which consists of four systems, such as peeling system, crushing system, grading system and wind net dust removal system. It solves the technical difficulties of corn processing machinery boring and slowing in the history. The current display system is specially designed to make the internal pressure of the machine studio and the peeling effect of the material clear at a glance. Another automatic discharge adjustment system has been added, which is the best working condition of the machine. It is the most advanced corn grain processing in China device.

2.When the corn, rice, wheat, etc. enter the peeling room from the hopper, they will travel to the exit under the rotary push of the pusher rib. The density between the rice grains increases due to the shrinking of the working volume and the resistance of the machine in the peeling room.

3. The effect of extrusion and matcha in the machine is enhanced, the roller is continuously tumbling and propelled, and the friction and peeling action between the parts are made, so that the rice grains are not removed. The corn kernels after de-cleaning enter the crushing system. Under the crushing and traction propulsion of the traction clutch-crushing device, the materials travel in the crushing process, enter the grading system and automatically separate, and obtain cornmeal, corn glutinous rice and corn mites, and pass The wind net dust removal system cleans and removes dust, and the obtained products are bright in color and excellent in taste.

★ Technical information and price list:


WSLX-200(grain peeling)

WSLX-300(grain peeling)

WSLX-500(grain peeling grinding)

















★ Packing & Shipping

Delivery Time: 7 days after receiving your payment

Package: Standard export packaging

Lead Time :Shipped in 30 days after payment

Supply Ability:10 Set/Sets per Month Food Grinder Machine

★ Company information

Established in 2006, Zhengzhou Runxiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd ( Golden Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd), a professional manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing and trading, was established in 2006 and locates in Zhengzhou, which is the business center in Henan province with Xinzheng airport.

We are committed to feed machine, pellet machine, hammer mill, grinder mill ,briquette machine, snake food extruder machine, coal process machine line, straw briquette machine line, food machine line, farming, agriculture equipments for years. What’s more, here are more than 80 talents and a research team with 16 technicians in our company, which makes us more competitive in this field...


★ Two promises:

1. machines with the best quality and proper price and with high efficiency and low power consumption;

2. warm and elaborate service(before and after sale). We insist that quality is always in the first priority and customer’s satisfaction is our final intention.

★ Certification


If you are interested in this machine or want the working video of this machine, please contact me at any time. I am always on you service.


★ Contact details:







Address:No. 177, Unit 2, Bldg. 3, No. 10, Yulan St., High-Tech Industrial Development Zone,Zhengzhou city,Henan province,China

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