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washing dates machines

washing dates machines

Dried Vegetables Processing:

    Raw Material→winnowing →picking →washing → cutting→blanching →cooling →draining 

    →feeding →drying → packing

Dried Fruits Processing:

    Removing Hair ,Peeling and core→Picking →Cutting →Washing →Blanching →Cooling →

    Draining→Feeding →Drying→packing

Production Line Feature:  

  (1),Simple and safe operation,

  (2),reasonable structure,

  (3),convenient maintenance,

  (4), adjustment speed

  (5),wide application,

  (6),Automatic, Replacing heavy manual work, reducing production cost and improving production               efficiency

  (7)All machines are SUS304 production(or depend on customers' request).

Feature of  industrial automatic red dates double brush washing machine fruit & vegetable washing machine:

1. The machine is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to decay and has a long service life;
2. The brush is made of high-quality nylon material, which is not easy to deform, has good wear resistance, and meets food hygiene requirements;
3. Simple operation, not easy to damage materials, and efficient cleaning;
4. It is widely suitable for cleaning round or oval materials, such as small tomatoes, passion fruit, lemons, potatoes, radishes, etc.


⑴Machine can achieve removable unit structure, adjustable foot height design.
⑵The machine is made of stainless steel SUS304 material and surface with stainless steel matte sandblasting process to meet the needs of hygienic standards for food production.
⑶The conveyor is adopt curved brush rollers, the material surface can be cleaned every corner.
⑷Flexible factory customization in the process of connecting their equipment can achieve more extension and expansion of the possibility to achieve more flexibility to meet the needs of users.

Model             Capacity(kg/h)Power(kw)

Water consumption


 Steam consumption


Processing Time(Min)  Dimension size(m)
LF-III-5 5009.0 60.4    3-20 15*1.3*3.23
LF-III-10 1000 9.0 8 0.5 16*1.3*3.23
LF-III-20 20009.5  12 0.8 17*1.5*3.23

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