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Fruit Coring Machine

Factory Apple Apricot Peach Olives Cherry Plum Nuclear Core Seed Remover Remove Removing Spitting Machine is suitable for the operation of apple peel and core. Hand the fruit into the screw rod, the machine automatically peeled, remove the fruit core, divided into flap.The output per hour is 500kg ~ 700kg, only one person can operate, the failure rate is low, the operation is simple.Apricot Stoner Machine /Apple Peach Core Remove Machine/Fruit Pitting Machine Cherry Corer in stock.
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 fruit coring machine

 fruit coring machine

 fruit coring machine


This machine is suitable for the operation of apple, apricot, peach, hawthorn, jujube, sand fruit, olive, plum, apple, pear, longan more than 100 kinds of fruit.Hand the fruit into the screw rod, the machine automatically peeled, remove the fruit core, divided into flap.


The utility model has the advantages of simple operation, convenient cleaning, stable performance, safety and reliability. Suitable for food processing plants, canteens, catering industry.

Automatic apple peeling peeling machine to nuclear machine manufacturer apple. Apple apple peeler machine open Apple poke core machine automatic peeling machine manufacturers only pin automatic apple peeling machine to cut nuclear valve multifunctional Apple peeler, apple to the core machine, slicing machine, apple apple open valve.


Precise position of the fruit core
Food grade materials, no pollution to fruits.
High efficiency, one step to complete the work of removing fruit core and cutting
Machine life is long and durable.
Beautiful appearance,
Can be customized according to customer requirements 
OEM or ODM services are available

Introduction of Apricot Stoner Machine/Apple Peach Core Remove Machine:

1.Apricot stoner machine adopts high quality 201 stainless steel material, fully comply with the hygiene standards of food processing equipment, advanced design concept and standard parts make each device conform to the highest standard of design, the operation is simple, raw material conveyor belt adopts new imported polyurethane material with longer service life make the raw material shape completely unchanged before and after processing.

2.Unique transmission technology and stable structure improve the working efficiency by 80%, the performance is more stable and yield increase greatly, reduce the maintenance cost in use process and pulp loss. Wide range of applicability and leading technology has made this machine sold all over the world.

3.Apricot stoner machine is suitable for the stones removing of round fruits with kernel, such as apricots, apples, pear, peach,etc. It was developped by continuously introduce advanced technology and management experience at home and abroad, widely used in fruits another food processing industry.
 fruit coring machine







Pitting rate





9000 pieces /h

Apple size(mm)









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