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Date Washing Cleaning Machine

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date washing cleaning machine

date washing cleaning machine


1. The equipment is made of stainless steel sus304/2b except motor, bearing and other standard parts, which fully meets the hygienic requirements of export food.The equipment is equipped with bubble generating device, which makes the material in rolling state, and has the characteristics of high cleaning, energy saving, water saving, stable and reliable equipment.

 2. The conveying part of this machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel mesh belt, which features stable operation and long service life, meeting the requirements of food hygiene.

 3. This cleaning machine adopts advanced design scheme and inner structure, which can clean impurities without dead Angle, clean and sanitary, and easy to clean intercepts.

 4. The main body of the machine water tank is made of 2mm thick 304 stainless steel


1.Specifically designed for long and round shape materials.

2.Multi-row tapered roller hair arranged in a cone slope and friction the top of the material and  the surface at the same time.

3.Staggered adjacent hair rollers run their own materials can be rotated 180 degrees.

4.Full friction cleaning materials,no material stockpiling.

5.With high pressure spraying device on the upside.

Character :

(1)It can be used for date processing line.

(2)Equipped with brush and water spraying system,and the brush is very soft,so it can  remove the impurity from the surface of the raw material and don't hurt the raw material

(3)We can design machine according to customer's requirement.

(4)The whole machine adopt SUS304 stainless steel sand blasting processing,except motor,electric equipment and other related component.


1-Various capacities are available for you to choose.

2-Technical assistance can be provided during the using life of this machine.

3-With stainless steel material, this brush is food grade .

4-Voltage and dimension can be customized if 220v and 380v are not available for you.

5-Automatic out-feeding system can transfer materials into next process make people free from heavy working.

 6-The rollers are made of ABS95 plastic, so the brushes are easy to be exchanged.

The main parts adopt double bearings.The chain and chain wheel are durable.The Date processing machinery are suitable for the date in Middle-east,from washing to drying. This line includes,Vibrator cleaning machine,Winnowing machine,Selecting belt,Grading/Sorting machine, Rolley type washing machine,Brush washing machine,UV Sterilization machine,Hot air type dryer etc .here we can make the machines according to your side requirement .






















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