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Apple Corer Slicer Machine

The machine is designed for peeling fruit,high rate of peel removing,and it well adapts to the shape of different fruit ,Apple,pear,orange,kiwifruit,Avocodo; There is generally no need to replace the blade unless a hard sharp object enters. Compressed air consumption: 1m3/min, pressure:≤0.7MPa; Dimension: 3450*1200*1700mm; Weight:500kg Servo motor pulse positioning, PLC and touch screen control;
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 apple corer slicer machine

Except apple coring machine,our company also have pitter machine to deal with other material as follow:

 apple corer slicer machine

Introduction of apple corer slicer machine:

This machine is a multi-function machine suitable for apple slices and nucleation. It is suitable for large-scale restaurants, western-style food restaurants, food processing factories and steak houses, etc. It can be connected to the related processing step corer and slicer.


The fruit peeler machine based on mechanical principle is controlled by PLC. It can complete many actions, such as positioning, peeling, cutting ring , removing corer and cutting disc, etc.

The cutting knife can automatically adhere to the changes in the shape of the fruit, and the thickness of the peel can be adjusted,so the peel loss is less and the pulp utilization ratio is high.

Set the parameters and any action on the touch screen, put the fruit (fruit handle upward) into the bowl of the four workplaces, and automatically position the multiple actions of automatic peeling, cutting ring, removing core and cutting disc etc.

It can be used for apples, pears, oranges, kiwifruit and so on.The peeling machine is necessary for processing canned fruit,dried fruit, fruit powder, jam, fruit cake and juice processing plants. Compared with traditional artificial peeling, it has the advantages of high efficiency, uniform thickness, less fruit loss, stable quality and safety and hygiene.


1. Only one worker is required to operate the machine and feed the machine. The machine can automatically finish peeling, coring and separating.
2. The operation mode of the machine is optional, and manual mode and automatic mode can be selected.
3. The machine has three discharge ports for discharging finished products, core and peels. There is no need to sort the finished product with a lot of labor.
4. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel, with long service life, simple cleaning, and it meets the food safety and hygiene requirement.
5. The machine has a high yield and a low damage rate to the material.







Pitting rate





9000 pieces /h

Apple size(mm)









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