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Vegetable Slicer Machine

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Multifunction Double head Automatic Ginger Slicer / long green bean cutter / Vegetable Oblique Slicer

 vegetable slicer machine


Rhizome vegetables: potatoes, arrowroot, sweet potatoes, melons, bamboo shoots, onions, eggplants;
Leaf vegetables: long strips of celery, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, spinach etc.

 vegetable slicer machine

Description of  of Double head Automatic Ginger Slicer / long green bean cutter / Vegetable Oblique Slicer
Double head vegetable cutter can cut leaf vegetable,conveyor speed and rotating knife speed can be adjusted by frequency converter, can be independently controlled. 

 vegetable slicer machine

 vegetable slicer machine

Cutting specifications: leaf vegetables cut into specifications: 1~60mm is adjustable. The other end is cut melon and fruit, can slice (1~10mm optional), shred (degree of thickness can be customized, minimum 2mm), dicing (grain size can be customized, minimum 6mm).One machine is multi-purpose, powerful, high output, cutter disc replacement is convenient. Simple operation, convenient cleaning 

Application of Double head Automatic Ginger Slicer / long green bean cutter / Vegetable Oblique Slicer
Widely used in hard and soft variety of roots, stems, leafy vegetables and seaweed processing, may cut production, blocks, wire, small, diamond-shaped, curved a variety of patterns. It is the ideal equipment canteens and hotels, restaurants and vegetable processing dehydrated vegetables, frozen, fresh, pickled and other food industries and factories, enterprises, institutions, schools, military units and other units. 


1. One machine with multiple functions, can cut leafy vegetables and root vegetables, and can slice, shred, strips, dices, segments, shreds, etc.

2. Roots and stems, finished product shapes: slices, four-corner silk strips, dices, oblique slices. Leafy vegetables, cutting size: 1-30mm can be adjusted.

3. The cutter head can be easily replaced to meet different production needs. Leafy vegetables: raw materials are conveyed by a conveyor belt, the speed of the rotating knife and the speed of the belt are independently controlled by a frequency converter, and the cutting size can be adjusted from 1 to 60 mm.

Output Cutting sizeVoltageWeightSize 
300-1000kg/h 0-60 mm220V/380V135 kg1160 x 530 x 1260 mm
slicing 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 20mm
Shredding2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 
Dicing8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 20mm
cutting 1-60mm adjustable

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