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Vegetable Cutting Machine

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1.Cut various fruits and vegetables.It can cut fruits , stem vegetables and root vegetables .(eg.potato,sweet potato,apple,pear,lotus root,carrot,etc.)

vegetable cutting machine

2.Different cube size.By changing the blade,the vegetable cutting machine can cut fruit and vegetables into slices,threads,cubes,strips,etc.

vegetable cutting machine

vegetable cutting machine

3.Adjustable size.The size of fruit and vegetable is adjustable.(cubes size 5mm, 10mm,15mm,20mm).
4.Customized machinery.We can offer other size of machine as per cutome's demand.
5.Widely used.It is widely used in hotel,restaurant,mess hall,kitchen and other vegetable and fruit processing factory.

vegetable cutting machine


1.Practical and Cheap Desk-top Slicing Machine can also cut celery, pepper, leek, onion, into slic.

2.It's easy to operate and mantainence.

3.This machine made of stainless steel, the blade made of special steel.

4.The blade can easily remove, cleaning, and convenient to change different specifications of knife group.

5.This Multi Vegetable Slicing Machine can be connected to the related processing step like washing, peeling, cutting, drying, or packing

in a whole processing line.

vegetable cutting machine

vegetable cutting machine

Working Principle: 

 By rotating the dial, the object to be cut is driven to rotate at a high speed, and the object is immediately sliced using the centrifugal force of the object, and then the wire is shredded and the blade is cut into strips vertically. The strips are fed into the cross-section crossings and cut into the desired rectangular parallelepiped or cube by the cross-section cutter.

we can also provide full production line of vegetable fruit processing machines:

Vegetable Production Line constituted by:

1,selection conveyor platform.

2,vegetables and fruits cutting machine.

3,Belt fruit and vegetable conveying hoister.

4,Fruit and vegetables bubble washer.

5,Vibration Draining Machine Vegetable Dewatering Machine.

Introduction of Machine Performance:

1,selection conveyor platform:for the primary selection of fruits and vegetables, the whole machine adopts removable design, equipped with waste collection device, the number of stations can be customized according to customer requirements 

2,vegetables and fruits cutting machine:can cut leafy vegetables, such as: long onions, garlic, leeks, cabbage, greens and so on. It can also cut strips of fruits, such as bananas, pineapples, cucumbers, peppers, and eggplants.

3,Belt fruit and vegetable conveying hoister:The feed is lifted and used to lift the material into the bubble washer.

4,Fruit and vegetables bubble washer:using high pressure gas to generate bubbling, can be added to the circulating water pump to surf and raise the high pressure water spray for triple cleaning, effectively separating the sediment and impurities on the vegetables.Industrial Vegetable Salad Maker Machine Fruit Vegetable Preparation Puree Machine

5,Vibration Draining Machine Vegetable Dewatering Machine:used for supporting the bubble cleaning machine for continuous production and use, the moisture on the vegetables after cleaning is removed by vibration shaker, so as to achieve uniform effect.

Specification  for vegetable dicing machine





Machine Size





220V/50HZ      110V/60HZ



Feeder Size


Output Size



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