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Vegetable Chopper Machine

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Product Details

 vegetable chopper machine

 vegetable chopper machine

 vegetable chopper machine

 vegetable chopper machine

 vegetable chopper machine

Wide Usage:

1. vegetable slicing machine 

2. vegetable dicing machine  

3.  carrot dicing machine

4.  cabbage cutting machine

5.  potato slcing machine       

6.  potato chips cutting machine  

7.  root vegetable cutting machine


Rhizome vegetables: potatoes, arrowroot, sweet potatoes, melons, bamboo shoots, onions, eggplants;
Leaf vegetables: long strips of celery, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, spinach etc.


1.Multi root cutting machine can cut radish, potato, sweet potato, taro, bamboo shoots, Onions, eggplant, apple, ginger and so on many melon fruit slices, sliced, diced, such as potato chips, French fries, radish shreds, thickness specifications can be customized.A multi-purpose machine, powerful function, high yield, easy to replace the knife plate, simple operation, easy to clean, the bulb root cutting machine is suitable for food processing plants, food-service industry, dining hall, food and beverage distribution center use.

2.Leafy vegetables are transported by a conveyor belt, the speed of the rotating knife and the belt are independently controlled by a frequency converter respectively, and the size of the cut vegetables can be adjusted to 1-60 mm.

Leaf vegetables cutting specification: 1-60mm (adjustable)
Melon and fruits cutting specification: 
Flake:(1-10mm choosable), 
Strip :(the thickness can be customized, minimum is 2mm),
Dice:(Size can be customized, minimum is 6mm).

Advantage of Cabbage Slicing Machine Vegetable Chopper Fruit Slicer Machine:

 Vegetable Cutting Chopper Slicer Machine Online is a composite and multifunctional cutter, which is designed simulating the principle of hand cutting and adopting the advanced technique of ‘variable speeds’ and ‘centrifugal slicing structure’. The machine is widely used for processing various root vegetable, stem vegetable and leafy vegetable. It is also ideal equipment for pickle processing industry.

Multi-function Cutting Machine:

1.  Suitable for cutting, slicing and dicing root and stem vegetable, also suitable for cutting leafy vegetables into different size length

2.  Frame made with SUS304, cutter head and plate made with aluminium magnesium alloy

3. VFD control the cutting and mesh belt moving speed.

4. High efficiency, equals to 10 workers.

Packing and shipping of slice fruit machine:

1.Our logistics team is effcient and convenient.

2.For forwarders,we have professional and long-term cooperated forwarders who can handle the shipment smoothly. Also we would like to have seamless cooperation with your forwarder at your convenience.

3.Vegetable cutting machine Cabbage Shredder Potato Cutter Machine Onion Chopper Machine.



Vegetable Cutting Machine


Single phase 220v 50hz





Finished Form

slice, strip, cube.


Cutting size

strip : 2-10mm (can be customized)

slice : 1.5-20mm (can be customized)

cube : 8mm / 10mm / 12mm / 15mm / 20mm

can be customized





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