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Vegetable Blanching Machine

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 vegetable blanching machine

 vegetable blanching machine

Application of Vegetable Fruit Blanching Machine:

This blanching machine is mainly used in vegetables, fruits, and other food materials, such as, potatoes, carrots, spinach, cabbage, onion, chicoree, red bell pepper, asparagus, sweet corn, apples, mushroom, chicken feet, etc.

 vegetable blanching machine

 vegetable blanching machine

Working principle of blanching machine:

The machine can automatically feeding and discharging materials, with less steam, short heating time, low-energy, self-heating temperature control type.

Continuous work, high production efficiency, blanching machine completely without artificial, easy maintenance, wide application. Temperature and speed are adjustable.

Description of Vegetable blanching machine:

1.The blanching machine is an ideal equipment in blanching process of vegetables and fruits’ color-protecting, it’s a necessary blanching equipment in preprocessing of quick-freeze, dehydration, freeze-drying. 

2.This blanching machine is with characteristics of fast blancher, inhibition of enzyme and color-protecting, timely dehydration and cooling, so as to keep the original nature colors of vegetables and fruits.  

3.This blanching machine will blanching the food materials, at the same time, the materials will also be cleaned by turning water.

4.Has a low price, high efficiency, cutting non-stick, small footprint, simple maintenance, simple operation, etc., widely applicable to large and medium-sized small-scale pickles chicken chi claw production enterprises.
5.Cut jaw knife can adjust the distance, cut out Chicken claw can be automatically separated into two discharge basket, do not need to pick up the manual, transmission for the intermittent drive, only two people can be placed, the effective savings in labor, Yield.

 Packing of balanching machine:

Our blanching machine will be packaged by standard export wooden package case, it can ensure the machine intact.

Shipping of blanching machine:

1. We can deliver the blanching machine to your nearest seaport by sea, by air, by express, etc.
2. Any special requirement of shipping, please talk with us, we will help you to solve the problems.


Technical  Data


TypeMotor powerWeightSize


Manual discharging12kw/380v70kg700X700X950mm


Manual discharging15kw/380v100kg1200X700X950mm


Manual discharging18kw/380v130kg1780x700x950mm


Manual discharging30kw/380v210kg2320x700x950mm


Belt conveying 30kw/380v350kg2500X1100X1300mm


Belt conveying30kw/380v400kg3000X1100X1400mm


Belt conveying40.5kw/380v500kg4000X1000X1400mm


Belt conveying78.75kw/380v600kg5000X1000X1400mm


Belt conveying98.25kw/380v700kg6000X1000X1400mm


 1. All models can be customized, Beside, we have automatic discharging type can be choosen.

 2. Please choose the right machine according to your needs. 

 3. Information on this website is subject to change. To obtain accurate dimensions and equipment configurations,  please contact customer service.

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