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Potato Washing Machine

Potato Washing Machine
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Introduction of Potato Peeling machine:

potato peeling machine uses the centrifugal rotation, friction peeling technology, potato, taro, water chestnuts and other vegetables peeling and cleaning. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, firmness, durability, simple and convenient operation, and is very suitable for the use of food processing plants in restaurants, schools, hotels and enterprises. The utility model has the advantages of peeling, cleanness, sanitation, low breaking rate, high production efficiency and simple and convenient operation.

potato washing machine

Potato peeling machine Operation Method:

1. Turn on the power, start the switch, (such as equipped with three-phase motor, need to see whether the direction of rotation of the tube within the cylinder is marked with the rotating direction of the arrow on the cylinder, the inconsistency will be three-phase power of any two Phase transfer can be re-connected) with a hose to the water inlet and tap water switch connected to the sewage discharge can be connected according to the situation hose, put the container or directly row sewer.
2. Before potato peeling machine, the potatoes from the mouth into the 350 each time / 10-15 kg is appropriate, 450 each 20-30 kg is appropriate.
3. Open the water switch, flush into the cylinder, the amount of metal inlet pipe to adjust the amount of water, start the machine switch.
4. Potato peeling Machine work about 2 minutes or so, turn off the power switch and the water switch, depending on the potato peeling situation, if the potato skin has been off the net, you can open the cylinder door, start the power switch, potatoes in the dial plate rotation driven, Automatic removal.
5. During the use of the potato peeling machine, if any abnormal conditions (such as the body into the hard body), should quickly turn off the power switch, to be troubleshooting, restart, the machine work properly.

potato washing machine

potato washing machine

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Potato Washing Machine















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