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Potato Chips Making Machine

Potato Chips Making Machine
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Capacity of semi-automatic french fries making machine : 

Semi-automatic potato chip machine: 30kg/h, 50kg/h,70kg/h,100kg\h and 150kg/h;
Fully automatic potato chip machine: 70kg/h, 150kg/h and 300kg/h.

Product description:

1. Our company specializes in the production of semi-automatic and automatic potato chips processing line, the whole set of equipment using food grade 304 stainless steel and PLC electrical control with the advantages of high technological content, security and efficiency, simple operation, especially for large and medium-sized food processing enterprises.

2.Suitable for medium and small food processing enterprises, widely used in hotels, hotels, Fried chicken restaurants, fast-food restaurants, hostels, troops, universities, enterprise canteens, Fried food enterprises and chain stores, etc.The deoiling and deoiling machine is installed with anti-vibration system. The equipment will not vibrate during deoiling and deoiling.

3.Complete sets of equipment for processing potato chips and chips include: cleaning and peeling machine, potato chip cutting machine, blanching machine, dehydrator, frying machine, oil stripper, seasoning machine, packaging machine.

Flow chat:

Semi automatic:Potato washing peeling machine---potato cutter slicer machine---blanching machine---dewater machine---fryer machine---deoil machine---flavor machine---packing machine.

Automatic:Raw material-elevator-prepare washing-peeling-picking-cutting strips/slice-rising-blanching/scalding -  vibration dewatering-cooling deoiling-deep fryer-vibration deoiling-cooling-freezer/flavor-packing.


1ElevatorDimension:2400*600*1600 mmPower:0.75 kw

Potato Washing and 

Peeling Machine

Dimension:2800*900*1400 mmPower:4.37 kw
3Selecting LineDimension:3000*600*800 mmPower:0.75 kw
4Potato Cutting Machine

Dimension: 660*560*900 mm 

 Capacity: 300-700 KG/H

Power: 1.2 kw
5Rinsing MachineDimension:3000*1200*1300 mmPower:2.95 kw
6Blanching MachineDimension:3000*1000*1300 mmPower:100kw/380v/50Hz
7De-watering MachineDimension:1500*800*1300mmPower:0.5kw

Automatic cooling and 

Dewatering Machine

Dimenison :3500*1100*1400 mmPower::7.1 kw
9ElevatorDimension:1500*800*1300 mmPower:0.75 kw

Automatic Electric Model 

Frying Machine

Dimension:3000*1000*1300 mmPower:100kw/380v/50Hz
1111.De-oiling MachineDimension:1500*800*1300 mmPower:0.5 kw
1212.Continuous Cooling MachineDimension:3500*1100*1400 mmPower:7.1 kw
1313.Ten Head Packing MachineDimension: 3000*2000*2600 mm

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