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Fruit Washing Machine

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Application of fruit&Vegetable cleaning line:
mainly used to clean vegetable, fruit, medicinal materials ,herbs, lettuce, perfume plants, fungi,leafy vegetable and fruits. Such as cabbage, spinach, cucumber,  mushroom, apple, peach, strawberry, tomato and so on. 
The structure of the machine can be adjusted to the characteristic of the fruit and vegetable you want to wash. 

fruit washing machine

fruit washing machine

Air Bubble Washing Machine Introduction:
1. Suitable for fresh fruit, vegetable and mushroom. This washing machine add spray washing function in the convey process to let the material go through with the spray wash after the air-water mixture cleaning process, the function this process is replacing the dirty water on the material surface to improve the washing effect.1.The machine is made of national superior SUS304 stainless steel and accords with national food export standard. The use of food grade materials is safe, reliable and pollution-free.
2. The washing machine adapts water bath type air bubble washing, the washing effect through the air bubble release in the water let the material do irregular strong turnover movement, via the movement of the material can efficiently separate the surface adhesive impurity, simulating manual basic washing action at the same time because the turnover movement in the air-water  mixture can efficiently avoid the touch, crash and scratch damage to the material, improving working efficiency, changing manual work into mechanized processing.

3. At the same time the new adding spray water will flow into the water tank after washing the the material to replace the dirty water in the washing tank so that can maintain the cleanness of the washing water which both improve the use ratio of water and add the cleaning effect.

4.With smooth conveying and adjustable speed, the material can move along the conveyor belt to avoid damage to the material The noise is small and is suitable for occasions with quieter working environment. The structure is simple and easy to maintain. The energy consumption is small and the cost of use is low.

fruit washing machine

Foam Washing Machine Introduction:
1.Horizontal vortex spiral washing plus vibrate remove water washing, suitable for washing leafy, root and pickled fruit and vegetable. Such as Chinese cabbage, lettuce, spinach and pickled radish, cabbage and so on.
2.Vortex and air bubble double washing, used to eliminate the huddle phenomenon which happened by using the traditional vortex washing machines to wash the uncut vegetables. High pressure air bubble can separate the huddled vegetables which settles the disadvantage of the traditional vortex washing machine can only wash the cut vegetables. The exhaust pipe is equipped with a relief valve to adjust the bubble strength when cleaning different materials.

3.The product keeps moving forward on the brush, making the hair impurities attached to the brush. At the same time, the upper high pressure spray tube wash the material, so as to achieve the purpose of high efficiency and cleanliness, and make the product enter the next process. The main part of the machine adopts high quality 304 stainless steel, the whole machine runs smoothly, the transmission speed is adjustable and the high pressure spray plus brush cleaning can be used to clean the material surface effectively.

 (Customized Model)
Water consumption0.4T/hCustomized
Plate material2.5mm SUS304 stainless steelCustomized
Small water tank2.0mm SUS304 stainless steelCustomized
Vibrate Sieve2.0mm SUS304 stainless steelCustomized
Vibrate blockImported form ItalyCustomized
Support leg50*50*2mm SUS304 stainless steelCustomized
Centrifugal water pump2.2kw/set 2setsCustomized
Air pump2.2kw/set 1setCustomized
Vibrate motor0.15kw/set 2setsCustomized
Filter motor0.37kw/set 1setCustomized
Drum motor0.12kw/set 1setCustomized

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