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Dry Fruits Packaging Machine

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 dry fruits packaging machine

 dry fruits packaging machine

Application of Automatic electronic weighing scale rice Dry fruits packaging packing machine:

1. Granular materials: pill drugs, sugar, coffee , grains, tea, salt, desiccant, seeds and other fine particulate, etc.
2. Fluid and semi-fluid products: juice, honey, jam, ketchup, shampoo, liquid pesticide, etc.
3. Powder products: milk powder, soy flour, spices, wet table pesticide powder, etc.
4. Pieces and capsules : tablets, capsules, etc.

5. Packaging materials: paper / PE, Pt / PE, PET / Plated Al / PE, PET / PE, BOPP film, tea filter paper composite packaging materials can be heat sealed

The principle & construction of the machine:

The main construction of the automatic filling machine is the electric vibrator feeder and weighing hopper. The upper part is the reserve hopper,

the raw material(such as sugar) is loading into the reserve hopper by the elevator conveyor. Beneath the reserve hopper is the vibrator feeder’s tray, the sugar falling on the tray at the effective of gravity. The machine’s intelligent will control the vibrator working and vibrating, the tray will forced vibrate, this will make the sugar that accumulated on the tray vibrates and flow into weighing hopper. The weighing hopper is fixed with weighing sensor(load cell) and the loaded sugar weight is monitored continuously. There will comes an electric signal from intelligent control system that shut off the vibrator feeding at the point of loaded weight sugar reach to target weight value(for example user want filling 1000g sugar per pouch, the 1000g is referred to target weight value). The next is user control the approach switch this will comes another electric signal to initiate the small motor and split and open the weigher hopper’s jaw, the sugar will falling and discharge into pouch/bag.

 Packaging details:

1. The machine is PE film winding to protect machine off corrosived and rust;

2. The machine is well wire tighted to protect machine off damage in shipping container;

3. Export standard plywood case, composite material, fumigation-free;

4. With easy lifting corn by the forklift.

Warranty and after sale service:

1. Warranty: 24 months. Whole life time technical support service.

  (A). During warranty, if any mechanical & electrical componment part malfunction, we offer the spare parts freely, but the DHL/Ocean shipping

      Cost is on consumer’s bill;

  (B). Out of warranty, if any mechanical & electrical componment part malfunction, we offer the spare parts and charge with factory price, but the DHL/Ocean shipping Cost is on consumer’s bill;

2. Our engineer's door to door service is available at buyer/user's request, but we will charge the round trip air ticket cost, accomodation cost,

   Apply visa cost and another extra 100$/day for each electrician engineer;

3.Within 24 hours on line responding to customer's questions, include but not limited to email, tel & mobile, WhatsApp, Wechat ect.





            4 head Automatic weighing filling machine

1. Machine filling range: 20-1000gram

2. Power supply: 1.5kw, AC220V 50/60Hz

3. Filling weight error: Less than 0.3%

4. Filling capacity: 25-40bags/min

5. Machine weight: 300Kg

6. Size: 1200*600*1900mm

7. Material: stainless steel 304

8. Main configuration: Four head weigher hopper, 4 electric vibrator,

  touch screen type control box, PLC unit.

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