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 dry fruit machine

 dry fruit machine

What is heat pump brand fruits/vegetables/seafood/herbs etc cabinet dryer?

KINKAI brand heat pump dryer,infact is use of the heat pump technology applying into drying. A Heat pump dryer is the use of reverse carnot principle, absorbing outdoor hot air and transferring them into the drying room, to realize the temperature of drying room, cooperate with relevant equipment to realize the material drying.The heat pump dryer main parts including compressor, heat exchanger , choke, heat absorber - compressor unit constitute a circulation system, etc.Under the action of refrigerant in the compressor circulating in the system.It made within the compressor gas booster heating process (temperature up to 100 ℃), heat release it into the machine-- high temperature heating drying room air, while being cooled and translated into flow liquid when it runs to the outside machine, rapid heat evaporating liquid into a gas again, at the same time, the temperature dropped to minus 30 ℃, 20 ℃, the air surrounding the heat absorber will continue to transfer heat to the refrigerant.The refrigerant cycle is constantly realize heat from the air transport to the drying room heating the air inside the room temperature.  

Description of fruit drying machine:

This Decktop Digital Display Drying Oven machine is made by a low noise anti-high temperature axial flow fan and an automatic control temperature system. The whole circulation system is fully enclosed to make that the heat efficiency of the drying machine increases from traditional 3%-7% to 35%-45%. The highest heat efficiency can reach 50%. This saves lots of energy for our country and increases the economic benefits. 

This  Decktop Digital Display Drying Oven is applied to fruit, vegetable, seafood, meat, side product, light industries, heavy dustries and so on.

It can dry all kinds ofvegetables,fruits,apples,pineapple,pawpaw,coconut,mango,banana,spice,

sea cucumber,seaweeds,beef jerky,fish,herbs,onions,gingers,chili,pepper,cabbage, carrot ,tea leaves etc.

Features of fruit drying machine:

1.This drying machine uses electric heating elements as the heat sour

2. The electrical source of drying is three-phase four-wire system

3. The material is stainless steel,keep the machine durable using.

4. After switching on the electric power, switch on the fan. The rotational direction of fan shall consist with the mark. 

5.  It Can dry all kinds of vegetables,fruits .


This equipment is mainly used in drying meat, fish, medicine, sesame, vegetables, fruit, seafood, flowers, such as ginseng, red ginseng, ginseng, angelica, cordyceps sinensis, honeysuckle, conventional, schisandra, astragalus and konjac, yam, maize seed, tobacco seeds, pumpkin, onion, spinach, brake, wild, carrots, celery, cowpea, chili, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, mushrooms, agaric, garlic, ginger, raisins, kiwi fruit, banana, litchi, longan, apple, hawthorn, persimmon, scallops, dried fish, kelp, vinasse, chrysanthemum, rose dry food processing, etc. The productivity is high and with low consume.

Stainless Steel Seafood Dryer Hot Air Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine Features
By using the forced ventilationfuntion, there are adjustable air distribution inside the oven. The materials can be dried uniformly.
Heating source: electricity,coal, blast stove.
Temperature allowed with this fruit vegetable dryer heat 50°C-140°C,the maximum is 150°C. Electricity heat 50-350°C.
Automatic control system and computer control system for your choice.
If you have special request, we also could customize the pork drying machine for you.
Baking plate dimension: 460*640*45mm.

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