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Chicken Feet Peeling Machine

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Product Details

Product Application:

This production line can make chicken and chicken skin off the nails very clean,and chicken claw will not have any damage,continuous production of high efficiency.

chicken feet peeling machine

chicken feet peeling machine

Main Features:

1.The machines are all made of the stainless steel 304, which makes the chicken feet hygiene.

2. Excellent product quality, easy to operate.

3. A variety of processing capacity for your choice, we can customize it for you.

4. Stable performance, low cost and labor&energy saving. 

5. Design thoughtful and reasonable

 Introduction of chicken feet peeling machine:

1.chicken feet peeling machine is not only good quality, high yield, technical content is very high, chicken paw peeling rate and the chicken feet themselves without any harm, is a cost-effective and elegant chicken paw processing equipment.

2.chicken feet peeling machine is very easy to operate, high yield, peeling clean, made of stainless steel, this device can be a very clean chicken feet off, and chicken feet will not have any damage. Another can be customized according to customer needs large chicken feet peeling production line equipment. Is currently the most advanced chicken feet peeling equipment.


 This machine can be used in conjunction with the blanching machine and is suitable for chicken paw processing plants and large slaughter plants.

♥ The machine uses the spindle to rotate rapidly to drive the glue stick on the spindle to perform relative spiral movement, pushing the claws to rotate and advance in the barrel.

♥ The relative spiral movement of the main shaft rubber rod and the relative rotation of the chicken paw claw machine of the long groove of the barrel realize the reverse, and exert a reverse force on the claws in progress, so as to achieve flapping and rubbing of the claws, so that the surface of the claw remove the yellow skin, to achieve the yellow skin of the bird's claws.

Technical information:

Technical Data

Machine Name



Machine size


Chicken feet peeling machine


380V,50HZ, three phase



Our company also have the full production line of chicken feet processing line:

Brief introduction of  automatic chicken feet peeling line

This automatic chicken feet peeling production line mainly consists of Belt conveyor------chicken feet Blanching machine-------chicken feet peeling machine------ chicken feet spiral pre-cooling machine-------chicken feet dewater machine- ----chicken feet cutting machine-----chicken feet belt conveyor sorting and packaging tablen-packaging machine- freezing cool romm, etc.


The line is highly automatic and has high efficiency, widely used in chicken feet processing plants or factories.

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