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Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

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Product Details

  automatic potato chips production line

Product Application:

Our Potato Chips Production Line uses fresh potatoes as the raw materials. It can produce crisp and high quality potato chips. We design these potato chips machines with latest and the most advanced technology. Add Cooling Tunnel , you can produce French fries freezing chips.

We have exported several equipments and complete lines worldwide, meeting stringent international quality standards, prove, our expertise in design and quality fabrication. We provide world-class equipments at affordable price, for a Turnkey Project.  automatic potato chips production line

Our Services:

1. Ask:What is your guarantee of machine ?
Answer: Usually our guarantee is 1 years. But if you have any questions when using the machine, you can take pictures or videos to us, we have the engineer to help you solve the problems. Any questions we will be here!
2. Ask:About the machine voltage or power of machine ?
Answer: Usually in our country is 220v,50hz, single phase , or 380v, 50hz, 3 phase .if you have the special requirement , pls tell us, we will vetify the voltage according to your requirement.
3. Ask:how to install the machine ?
Answer: We can intrust the install the machine by vedio, email ,picture.....if large project , we can arrange the worker help you to install it in your country .

Frozen french fries production line 500kg/h:
1) process:
washing and peeling machine-cutting machine-washing machine-blanching machine-frying machine-quick freezing-packing machine
Raw material→conveyor→washing and peeling→picking line→conveyor →cutting→rinsing→blanching→vibrating de-water equipment→drying→frying→vibrating de-oil equipment→cooling line→conveyor→quick freezer→packing
2)Output capacity:
Automatic line: 200kg/h, 300kg/h, 500kg/h, 1000kg/h, 2000kg/h 

China full automatic new design frozen french fries production line making machinery for frozen potato fries
  automatic potato chips production line

  automatic potato chips production line

Potato Chips Production Line :
1.The Potato Chips making machine main process:
1)Washing and deboning: brush or rolling type
2)Peeling: merchanical or steam
3)Picking table: manual
4)Cutting: merchanical or other
5)Washing:preclean to remove the starch
7)Dewatering and andydrating
8)Frying: electrical, gas, diesel
10)Quick freezer
11)Weighing and packing

  automatic potato chips production line

  automatic potato chips production line

2.The frozen french fries production line making machine process:
1)Potato Chips Fried  Produciton Line
washing and peeling-picking-cutting-blanching-frying-deoiling-quick freezing-packing
2)Vacuum packed french fries production line
washing and peeling-picking-cutting-blanching-dewatering-vacuum packing
3.The potato chips  production line making machine service which we can supply:
1)As customer's demands(heating methord,capacity,workshop size,invest condintion) to supply the suitable proposal and quotation.
2)Further confirm and supply our experience(over 10years)
3)The order confirmation
5)Overseas installation, testing and training
6)Good after sales service



60-1500kg per hour

Semi Automatic For Small Capacity

Full Automatic for Bigger capacity


French Fries Chips,  Fried Potato chips,  Frozen Potato Chips


Natural Gas,  Electricity,  Diesel

Worker Qty

up to Production Capacity




SS304 Food Grade

Raw Material Request

Fresh potato, no rotten, no degenerative, no insect pests or other defects.
Smooth on the surface, no groove in the head, little small buds or no bud should
be better, no flaw or hollow.
Dry matter content ≥21%, starch content ≥15%, reducing sugar ≤0.25
Weight of unit potato should be among 150g~500g, the best brand of POTATO is


 PLC AND Electronic Spare parts ARE SIEMENS and Delter

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