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Groundnut Harvesting Machine

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groundnut harvesting machine can be used in various tubers harvest, such as potato, sweet potato, peanut, garlic and so on.

groundnut harvesting machine has high efficiency, low breaking rate, fast working speed without vibration.

Structural mass (kg)


Matched power


Structural type

Walking and direct connection

Operating width (mm)


Digger plow


Digger depth (mm)


Harvesting potato rate


Cutting rate


Broking skin rate


Productivity (mu/h)


★ About us:

Runxiang machinery is a professional manufacturer of harvesting machinery. The main products include mowers, reed reaping machines, potato harvesters, potato planter, orchard sprayers, rod type sprayers,

Drip film corn precision seeder ,spreaders and so on.

We have 5 items of independent intellectual property of 9GB series mowers, mowers with rakes and rakes used for grazing grass harvesting. This series products have been exported a lot to Mongolia, Russia, Pakistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and so on.

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