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Paper Pencil Machine

Paper Pencil Machine
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Flow chat of paper pencil making machine:

Paper Pencil Machine line

paper cutter → rolling machine →drying → cutting and polishing → shrinking machine→ eraser


Paper cutter: This machine is used to cut the paper into the customized size of paper.

Rolling machine: The function of the rolling machine is to roll paper and pencil lead into a pencil and forming a pencil.

Drying machine: After rolling the machine, the pencil is wet, it needs a drying machine to dry the wet pencil into a dry one.

Cutting and polishing machine: This machine is used to cut and polish pencils after the drying machine.

shrinking machine: Shrinking machine can shrink plastic film into each piece of pencils.

Erase machine:Erase machine can add erase into the head of pencils.

Final pencils photo:

Paper Pencil product

Environmental pencil machine

Four advantages of paper-pencil:

1. State support for the environmental protection industry

2, the cost is lower than a wooden pencil

3, better performance than a wooden pencil

4. Simple production process

Production process: rolling rod-drying-cutting head

1. [Product introduction]: Our company has developed an advanced production technology of paper pen, the raw material is newspaper grass paper. Plain paper, pen lead, pen case. Technical formulas for chemical raw materials and hardened rubber. Wide range of raw materials. Finished paper. The pen is as hard as wood. It can be easily cut and rolled without eccentricity, inactive core, and constant core. Pen, etc.

The appearance is novel, the color is colorful, and it is loved by children.

2. [Introduction of Machinery]: Our company has developed the latest generation of paper-pencil equipment, which has the most advanced level in the country. It improves and simplifies the production process. 18000--20000 pen-pens can be rolled, saving man-hours, and the effect is good; no three waste pollution during production, ending the history of no huge investment, non-wood can not produce pencils, is the ideal equipment for investment and entrepreneurship.

3. The production process of semi-finished products: rolling rod-drying-cutting head

Finished product production process flow: rolling rod-drying-cutting-grinding-heat shrinkable film-upper rubber head-packaging, complete the entire production process.

2.automatic pencil machine


Power supply: 220V

Power: 550W

Weight: 53KG

Size: 1160 * 360 * 560 (cm) length, width and height

Production capacity: 25 pcs / min

Price: 3200 yuan

Support you to set up a small pencil processing factory. The products assist the sales or self-sale.

①Production conditions: office, storage, factory building 100 square meters, lighting power 220V.

②Estimated benefit:

The production cost is 6 cents / support-8 cents / support. Ex-factory price: 0.1 yuan / support -0.12 yuan / support.

Profit 4 cents / support 4-5 people 15,000 support / shift (8 hours)

Profit for each month: 30 days * 15000 pieces * 0.04 yuan / piece = 18,000 yuan

Profit for the next year (calculated based on 10 months) 300 days * 15000 sticks * 0.04 yuan / stick = 180,000 yuan

Environmental pencil

Environmental pencils are mainly made of recycled paper and old newspapers, so they are also called recycled paper pencils or newspaper pencils.

Production Process

The production process of newspaper pencils is simply to neatly stack the old newspapers one by one and press them with heavy objects such as cement prefabricated parts. Then, according to the size of the pencil, the old newspaper was cut into 6 pieces, and the graphite pencil core was rolled to the top of the cut newspaper. Turns into a hard texture pencil.

Recycled paper is a paper produced by using waste paper as a raw material, which is broken, decolorized, and pulped through a variety of processes. The pen-making process is the same as that of newspaper pencils.

Data comparison

According to estimates, in addition to producing more than 20,000 yuan in value-added benefits for every 1 ton of used newspapers produced in China, it can also save 100 cubic meters of water, 600 kilowatt-hours of electricity, 1.2 in the secondary treatment of paper. Tons of coal and 500 kg of chemical raw materials not only save wood, protect the forest, but also realize environmental protection and reuse.

Environmental pencils have obvious advantages over traditional pencils in all aspects: low cost, non-eccentric, easy to curl, fireproof and waterproof, and most importantly, it is low carbon and environmentally friendly!


China produces more than 6 billion pencils a year and uses more than 200,000 cubic meters of high-quality cypress wood every year. If you use old newspapers or recycled paper as pen holders, each ton of old newspapers can reach 5 cubic meters of alder, and it takes only 40,000 tons of waste paper to produce 6 billion pencils.

At present, many environmental protection newspaper pencils and recycled paper pencils have been exported to the United States and the European Union. Because it has very significant environmental protection features, unique appearance and low price, it is also very popular in foreign countries. Prospects are limitless.



Paper cutter

Model: JXC-2

Pencil rod making machine

Model: JXP-200


35-40 pcs/min

Motor: 0.37kw



Drying machine

Capacity:4000 pcs/time



Dimension:980*700*1000 mm

pencil cutting




motor: 1.9kw

weight: 80kg

dimension: 800×420×1400mm

Pencil polishing machine

Shrink machine






Motor: 0.75kw


Eraser machine

Model: JX-30


30 pcs/min

Weight:10 kg


600*400*900 mm

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