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Multi Purpose Thresher Machine

Multi Purpose Thresher Machine
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Product Details

 ★ Introduction

Our company developed the Wheat and Paddy sheller machine is special for the farmers who are in hill country areas.It has small volume, light quality, electrical power consumption, high efficiency, reasonable structure, good performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance, beautiful shape, affordable and reliable quality, reputation is good wait for a characteristic.

Multi Purpose Thresher Machine

Multi Purpose Thresher Machine

★ Working Principle

China's most useful household small wheat and paddy shelling machine,its function is shelling the wheat and paddy from their straw

down directly, don't break them. It is compact, air frame is very small. Adopt unique threshing method, threshing clean,  don't need

clearing choose. Particle breaking rate is low and high production efficiency.This machine has into hopper, roller, concave board, shelf etc.

★ Specifications:



Motor power

2.7kw -3.0kw(single phase)

Rolling speed


production capacity





Net off rate


Total loss rate


Mixed rate






★ Main Features

1. Apply to a variety of crops, such as: shelling the wheat, rice, sorghum, barley, millet, etc.

2. No matter wheat, rice, sorghum, barley, millet can be normal threshing, achieve at the same time suck chaff, vacuuming, vibrating screen separation clean, once completed.

3.Use the power widely available, the gasoline engine, motor, diesel engine.

Multi Purpose Thresher Machine manufacturers

★ Client payment:

Multi Purpose Thresher Machine factory

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